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US Air Realty is a fully-integrated real estate development company which specializes in Airport commercial and mixed-use properties.

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Hangar Development

US Air Realty prides itself in its ability to work proactively with local government officials, abutters, community groups, and all other stakeholders when it develops a project. This approach ensures that we understand and take into consideration the local environment and that all relevant issues will be addressed and resolved.

Management & Leasing

US Air Realty professionally and diligently markets, leases, and manages its own properties as well as third party properties on a fee basis. We’re recognized for the high standards we set and keep, and our “customer service” approach is one reason our properties are always at or close to 100% leased.

Equity Investment

Each of our projects benefit from careful research and realistic analysis prior to acquisition, attentive and responsive property management, and maintaining strong tenant and community relations results in maximized cash flows and enhances the value of the select investment properties we acquire.

Our Leadership

US Air Realty is comprised of experts who specialize in a variety of aviation and real estate development disciplines.

Charles Patsios

Founding Partner

Runway Realty Ventures

  • Awarded US Navy hangars at the former Hanscom Air Force base in Bedford Ma by GSA
  • Competitive bidding situation
  • Compliance to strict environmental standards met by Patsios in the GSA process
  • Federal historical preservation requirements met or exceeded by Patsios
  • Cooperative licensing and through the fence agreements with FAA, Massport, and numerous municipal and state agencies
  • Design permit and building of new air facilities under taken by Patsios
  • Patsios forms new group US Air Realty which has partnered with Mass Autonomy and EVTOL future planning for State of Mass

40 Federal St Realty

  • Successfully negotiated for the 24 acre original founding site of GE in Lynn Ma located at 40 Federal St Lynn Ma
  • The site was extremely polluted and considered a brown field site
  • Patsios reached a negotiated transaction with GE along with State and Federal agencies regarding the treatment and reuse of the site
  • The site was redesign for better traffic flow which included new roadway roundabouts curb cuts and elevation of the entire parcel.
  • Prior to this roadway infrastructure improvement. This problem had persisted for decades earning the site recognition in the top ten worst roadway intersections in Mass
  • Patsios forecasted in 2009 that the economic tide for the City of Lynn would radically change the highest and best use of the remaining 7 acre parcel of the site. Banking on the upswing of the City we are now starting to look at viable reuses of the remaining site

Randal Wiedemann

Aviation Consulting Advisor

Randal Wiedemann founded R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc. in 1989 and serves as its president. He brings 45 years of airport planning experience to the US Air Realty profile. Mr. Wiedemann concentrates his efforts in physical and economic planning areas with emphasis on airport business plans, economic impact assessments, marketing programs, airport master planning, and airport management services. Mr. Wiedemann is one of the most experienced airport business planners in the nation. He has participated or managed more than 90 business plans since the year 2000. These plans have been aimed at making airports economically sustainable for the future.

For US Air Realty, Randal Wiedemann works directly with the principals of the firm to identify airport development opportunities. Many of these were identified in his airport business plans or in other industry work. As an aviation consulting advisor, Mr. Wiedemann can draw on his years of experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work at airports. This ensures that US Air Realty proposals are based on the economic realities of today’s aviation industry.

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